The European Information System on Agricultural Research for Development (EARD-InfoSys+) -

EARD-InfoSys+ Feed Tool

This tool is developed for displaying up-to-date content from EARD-InfoSys+ on news and events on other wesites. There are two possibilities to get this content:

  1. Create your own profile
  2. Use the EARD-InfoSys+ RSS-FEED

1. Create your own profile

The queried content depends on parameters given with the link. You can choose:

  • News or events
  • The format for displaying: inline-html, complete-html, xml
  • The character-set feasable for your site: utf8, iso-8859-1
  • The number of datasets to receive (up to 15)
  • The length of the description of the dataset (up to 500)
  • One main category on ard-subjects
  • Either country as publisher for news or residence for organizing organisation
  • Or One region as publisher for news or residence for organizing organisation

The link to the feed-tool has to be placed either inside a frmae (or i-frame) or inside the users own source-code.

CREATE your profile link with the Link creator and use copy&paste; for a safe call of the FEED-tool.


InfoSys+ offers two RSS-feeds: one with the latest entries on news, sorted backwards, and the other with the next 15 upcoming events sorted forward. The path to this feeds is:

  • News:
  • Events:

The RSS-feeds are built up according to rss version 2.0 and encoded in utf-8.

You can use these rss-feeds inside your HTML-code by getting a javascript code-snippet. This javascript uses the transformation-method of a third party provider, that reads the rss-feeds and transforms them via javascript into HTML.

One example for such an third party provider is

Follow the instructions and paste the javascript-snippet into your own HTML-code.